Join us this summer, as we give your child/children a memorable experience.
Our Summer Camp is ideal for children with beginners, basic or intermediate knowledge of the Spanish language.
Engulfed with fun and interactive session in the classroom, our highlights are:

  • Culinary - centered on introducing the children to Spanish foods, field trip to a typical Spanish restaurant, giving them an ample feel of culture and how to place orders, should in case they find themselves in a Spanish restaurant.
  • Dance - A mix of aerobics, Merengue and Salsa! Fit to keep the children active and deepening the sense of culture and fun amidst learning the language.
  • Let's go Shopping - One of our field trips, centered on enlightening the children on how to buy items in a Spanish store, ranging from books, stationeries and clothing.

  • All these and lots more will be worth your investment.
    We have tailored approach to suit the various age groups and ensure no one is left out.
    You don't want to miss this. Please see flyer for more details.

    Muchas gracias😊

About Us

Hola Todos is a Spanish literacy company currently situated in Lagos, Nigeria. We aid individuals or groups to communicate effectively in the Spanish Language while expanding your knowledge or businesses in spanish speaking territories.
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